Visualize Network Latency on a Map

.:. The only app to visualize pings on a map .:. Find the fastest cell signal .:. Map the network latency of an area, trail, or route .:. Diagnose connectivity on the road .:.

Have you ever wanted to map the signal strength of an area or route? Well now you can with PingPoint.

Find the best signal in your area. Visualize ICMP ping latency plotted on a map. Record a ping session while navigating to map the connectivity of an area, route, or trail. Pings are recorded on the map as different colored blips ranging from green to red, indicating good to poor latency. Select different ping intervals or target hosts for your tests.

PingPoint is recommended for IT professionals, network analysts, road warriors, and anyone technically inclined who is interested in sampling network latency while moving and plotting the data on a map.

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